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2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School will be held March 18-22, 2019.

Walk in registrations will be held on Monday March 18th beginning at
10 a.m. at the Louisiana State Police Headquarters

7919 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

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Welcome to B.R.A.M.A.S

Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System

B.R.A.M.A.S. Meetings are held on the second Friday of every month, except in December. These luncheon meetings take place at Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP) - 3773 Harding Boulevard at 11:30 a.m.  For more information call (225) 354-1421, fax (225) 354-1423, or email


About B.R.A.M.A.S.

  • To assist in the prevention of disasters, and
  • To help minimize the effects of major incidents should they occur. These objectives are accomplished by:
    • establishing a coordinated and practical long-range plan for handling emergencies,
    • encouraging cooperation between the private sector and government agencies, and
    • improving techniques and facilities for emergency control by applying available resources more effectively.

B.R.A.M.A.S. Basic Objectives

The purpose of the Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System, B.R.A.M.A.S. is to develop, maintain and improve procedures among the members for mutual assistance and cooperation in the control of emergencies and disasters such as fires, spills, explosions, and releases of toxic substances.

BRAMAS was created as a joint effort to work together within the Baton Rouge area in emergency situations.



March, 08
BRAMAS Meeting
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March, 18-22
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Opening Day
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March, 19
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Day 2
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March, 20
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Day 3
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March, 21
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Day 4
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March, 22
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Last Day
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April, 12
BRAMAS Meeting
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May, 10
BRAMAS Meeting
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Baton Rouge Fire Department

City of Baton Rouge

 Baton Rouge Area Mutual Aid System
Baton Rouge, Louisiana