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2018 Louisiana Emergency Response Class Options
40 classes offered.
Clandestine Drug Lab 2 Hours

Clandestine Labs are extremely dangerous and come in many different arrangements. Find out if you have the makings of a lab and who you should call to clean it up. You will also learn how to approach labs safely and when to back away.

Instructor: Tri-Parish Narcotics
Location: JESTC

Emergency Response to Hydrogen Chloride Leaks 2 Hours
Instructor: Airgas, USA
Location: JESTC

Explosives/Bomb Threat Response 4 Hours

This 4 hour class will cover bomb threat procedures for industry and public safety, discussions on bombs and how they function, explosives in general, and a brief overview of domestic terrorism, bomb threats and how to prepare for them.

Instructor: Baton Rouge City Police
Location: JESTC

Fire Fighting Foam 4 Hours

This 4 hour course overviews the proper use of various fire fighting foams. Topics to be discussed will include but are not limited to; different types of firefighting foams, appliances for applying the foam, and required foam application rates.

Instructor: Rick Lewis, Akron Brass; Bert Prejean, Southland Fire
Location: JESTC

Haz-Mat Exercise & Bomb Demo 2 Hours

Live explosives demonstration to allow the viewer to see and feel the effects of live explosives and learn about indicators of improvised explosive devices.

Location: JESTC

Haz-Mat Response Mitigation 4 Hours

Equipment needed : Safety glasses , Work Gloves

This 2 hour course will take individuals through different Leak mitigation evolutions while Using various different tools and equipment.  Students will discuss Strategy and Tactics , Familiarize themselves with the most up to date solutions  along with” Old School” Tricks of The Trade and work Hands-On through different challenging scenarios.

Instructor: Todd Achord & Justin Hill, BRFD Haz-Mat
Location: JESTC

Haz-Mat Tech Refresher 8 Hours

This 8 hour class will re-certify Haz Mat Technicians who have completed the 40 hour Technician Course and have remained up to date on their annual certifications. This class will focus on Plug and Patch techniques using kits on actual valves and holes.

Location: JESTC

Introduction to Fire Fighter Survival/Rescue 8 Hours

Full Turnout/Bunker Gear,…..SCBA will be provided if needed but personal SCBA preferred

This 8 hour class will introduce you the basic concepts of firefighter survival/rescue. The class will consist of short lecture on the theory of ff survival/rescue followed by hands–on/practical skills evolutions. FF survival skills will cover SCBA emergencies, entanglements, and escape from elevated spaces… ff rescue skills will cover ff drags and carries, buddy breathing, downed ff search along with Denver Drill and John Nance Drill.

Instructor: Paul Pinsonat, BRFD Rescue
Location: BRFD HQ

Mock Line Strike 2 Hours

The Mock Line Strike demonstration covers a complete excavation lifecycle from making the one-call, line locating, proper excavation tactics, line strike and emergency/operator response to the line strike.  The forum is set on an excavation site and representatives from each stakeholder group speak on each topic during the excavation lifecycle.  Education through Demonstration is designed to transform the Students experiences, improve reach and create the critical connections necessary to prevent a pipeline incident.

Location: JESTC

Natural Gas Safety 4 Hours

This session is geared for anyone involved with natural gas-related emergency and incident response activities including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Natural Gas professionals who have a need to coordinate with their local fire service;
  • Senior fire service and hazmat team trainers;
  • Heavy-duty towing and recovery professionals specializing in hazmat recovery; and
  • Law enforcement hazmat personnel.

This class will cover:

  • NFPA 52 – Vehicular Gaseous Fuel Systems Code
  • EPA Certified Kits by Final-Stage Vehicle Integrator/Manf.
  • DOT and ANSI/IAS NGV2 Approved Tanks for vehicles
  • ASME Compliance for all CNG Fueling Storage
  • Electrical zones – Zone 1 or 2 as defined in NFPA 70
  • Warning Signs – Vehicles and Fueling sites
  • NGVi, ASE, NAFTC, specific state requirements
  • CNG Vehicle and Conversion Kit 101:
  • Labeling – How to correctly identify different items
Instructor: Kent Meadows, NGV Solutions
Location: JESTC

Oil Spill Response 2 Hours

Description Coming Soon!

Instructor: OMI Environmental Solutions
Location: JESTC

Opening Ceremonies 2 Hours

Location: JESTC

Opioid Awareness and Response 2 Hours
  • The opioid epidemic;
  • How the opioid crisis started;
  • An investigation of OxyContin;
  • The rise of Heroin;
  • Opioid chemistry in the body;
  • Opioid analogues;
  • Classes of opioids;
  • Comparison of Fentanyl to Heroin;
  • Opioid overdoses;
  • Chemical warfare with opioids
  • Narcan;
  • Increase in babies born dependent on opioids;
  • Carfentanil use;
  • DEA recommendations for first responders handling Fentanyl; and
  • Fentanyl detection, with a demonstration of the standoff Bruker RoadRunner chemical detector capable detecting and identifying opioiods and explosives.
Instructor: George Lane, Emergency Response Technology & Stephen Mooney, Bruker
Location: JESTC

Pipeline Awareness 2 Hours

This 2 hour class with touch on many components of response to a pipeline emergency such as:

  • Pipeline Product Characteristics
  • Pipeline Identifications
  • Pipeline Protective Measures & Maintenance (Operating Pipelines Safely)
  • Response to an Emergency
  • How to Recognize a Leak
  • How to Respond to a Leak
  • Right-of-Way
  • One Call System (811)
  • Community Awareness & Outreach
  • Emergency Responder Integration into ICS
    • Emergency & Spill Management
    • PREP Drill Facilitation
    • Response Plan Generation


Instructor: Jason St. Martin, ExxonMobil Pipeline
Location: JESTC

Propane Safety 4 Hours

The propane industry continues its commitment to the safety and well-being of our nation’s industry fire service, hazmat responders, and the public. With the establishment of the Propane Emergencies Program in 1998, the propane industry has provided funds in excess of $5 million to train over 250,000 firefighters and propane professionals.

Who Should Attend

This session is geared for anyone involved with propane-related emergency and incident response activities including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Propane professionals who have a need to coordinate with their local fire service;
  • Senior fire service and hazmat team trainers;
  • Heavy-duty towing and recovery professionals specializing in hazmat recovery; and
  • Law enforcement hazmat personnel.

Course Description:

  • This program will be fast paced and primarily hands on exercises to assist in dealing with a wide variety of propane related incidents.
  • The program will begin with a review of propane properties and characteristics, containers and various applications.
  • The reminder of the program will be hands on and out doors. An MC 331 Cargo tank vehicle will be on hand to illustrate piping and proper shut off procedures.
  • Students will evacuate a propane tank using liquid transfer to become familiar with the process and witness the advantages of transfer over flaring.
  • Students will perform Leak mitigation on tanks and cylinders
  • Students will learn procedures for approaching a propane tank engulfed in fire while participating in a live fire exercise to mitigate the leak on a burning propane tank.

Instructor: Dennis Cruise
Propane Education and Research Council

Dennis Cruise came to the propane industry from a law enforcement career in Virginia which spanned from 1977-2006. During that period of time Dennis was a DOT Inspections and Hazmat Officer from 1991 – 2006 and has 14 years experience in roadside inspections and compliance with DOT regulations. Dennis also worked as a Hazardous Materials Technician and continues to provide instruction for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, Virginia Department of Fire Programs and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management. Dennis is recognized by the Virginia Department of Fire Programs and by the West Virginia Fire Commission as an adjunct instructor in Propane Emergencies Training.

Instructor: Dennis Cruise, Propane Education and Research Council
Location: JESTC

Rail Tank Car Derailment Scenario 8 Hours

This 8 hour course will be conducted outside of the classroom. Participants will learn from experts in the train and emergency response industry. Students MUST HAVE proper PPE to fully participate with hands on the equipment: Hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and safety shoes.
 Topics that will be covered include: Emergency equipment and emergency procedures; Product transfers and leak mitigation in emergency situations through hands-on demonstrations.


Instructor: Louisiana Chemical Manufacturing Association and TRANSCAER® Members
Location: JESTC

Railroad 101 and Introduction to Tank Cars and Damage assessment 4 Hours
Instructor: Tom Robinson, Union Pacific Railroad
Location: JESTC

TRANSCAER® Highway Tank Truck Transfers-Advanced 8 Hours

This 8 hour course will be conducted at the HAZMAT training site at the Joint Emergency Services Training Center (JESTC) in Zachary, LA. Participants will start their day with a short classroom introduction to TRANSCAER® then move outside to spend the first 4 hours at various static tank truck displays, learning from experts in the industry about equipment features, functions, and basic leak mitigation and emergency procedures. For the 4-hour afternoon session, students must have proper PPE (safety glasses, gloves, and safety shoes) to fully participate with hands on the equipment. Topics that will be covered include: Emergency equipment and procedures; trailer up-righting procedures, and product transfers and leak mitigation in emergency situations through hands-on demonstrations. Students that participate in all 8 hours of training will qualify for a Technicians Refresher certificate.

Instructor: TRANSCAER
Location: JESTC

Trench Rescue Awareness 8 Hours

This intense hands on 8-hour Trench Rescue course includes extensive field exercises designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for rescuers and rescue teams members to conduct trench rescue emergency shoring operations. This course meets competent requirements for OSHA 1926.650 as well as NFPA 1006 Chapter 11 Trench Rescue Awareness.

Instructor: ROCO Rescue
Location: ROCO Rescue Training Center

Understanding & Writing an Emergency Plan 2 Hours

Louisiana’s Southern Regions are all too familiar with All-Hazards Planning.  As First Responders, we all understand that the occurrence of emergencies or disasters are only a matter of “when” not “if”. Some of these incidents may disrupt normal operational processes, but can be overcome with a secondary or backup Plan. This Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) course is designed to be an introduction to the basics of developing and maintaining a COOP. Topics covered during this session will include an executive overview, essential functions, operations, and resources that should be considered while developing a COOP.  The planning process, benefits of continuity policies and procedures, and continuity roles and responsibilities will also be presented throughout this session.

Instructor: MOHSEP
Location: JESTC

March, 18-22 2019
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2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Day 4
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March, 22 2019
2019 BRAMAS Haz Mat School Last Day
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